Who were Charlotte Mason and Marva Collins?

Charlotte Mason and Marva Collins were two remarkable educators who lived at different times and on different continents. Both believed a broad field of study was suitable for all children. They saw the benefit of exposing children to high-quality literature. They wanted to foster a love for learning. Each emphasized developing the whole child.

Will the students have to wear uniforms?

Yes, Laurel will require students to wear a uniform and adhere to a dress code. We believe that uniforms decrease distractions and promote a spirit of community and unity. Teachers and staff are also required to wear professional attire.

What is your policy on homework?

Charlotte Mason did not give homework to children under the age of thirteen. Marva Collins did not assign homework as "busywork, but to reinforce a lesson." Our policy draws on both these philosophies.

We will expect students to give their parents a description of their school day and spend 15 minutes reading with them. If a child needs to reinforce a particular lesson, we will ask them to spend a few minutes working on the problem by themselves. Like Ms. Collins, we do not expect parents to help with homework.

What about extracurricular activities?

We are considering ways to make extracurricular activities available to our students. One idea under consideration is establishing a partnership with a nearby private school so that our students can play on their sports teams and engage in other activities.

Are non-Christian families welcome?

Our founder is a member of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. Teachers and staff are required to be professing Christians and agree to our Statement of Faith. However, being a Christian is not a requirement of enrollment.

Will I be able to afford Laurel?

One of the most significant barriers to parents having their children attend a non-public school is the tuition. Our tuition model furthers Laurel's goal to provide access to high-quality Christian education to students from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds.

We set tuition based on what it costs Laurel to educate each student. Customized tuition allows us to determine a family's actual tuition based on that family's particular financial situation. Each family will contribute to the cost of educating their child at a level that is appropriate for their financial situation. To receive current information about Laurel's tuition and how it can be customized to address your family's financial situation click here.

What if my child requires special education services?

Part of our application process is a discussion with the prospective family. Based on our conversation, we determine whether or not Laurel is a good match for the student. We will not be able to accommodate students with significant needs.

Recipe for Excellent Students

“One class of children of all creeds, races, and colors.

Heaping doses of praise.

Daily doses of “You are bright, you can do it.”

Plenty of “You children are a promise, a great bundle of personality.”

Frequent reminders of “I will not let you fail.”

Mix thoroughly with bright, motivated, positive teachers until the eyes of children hold wonder like a cup.

Nurture above children for a few years, and there will be ample servings for the locales of the world, for society, and with equal ease, these children will one day maintain the American dream.

The temperature should always be warm, caring , dedicated, and genuinely loving.”    Marva Collins October 4, 1991

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