The Role of Our Teachers

Charlotte Mason developed a method in which lessons were teacher-guided and student-directed.  The teacher created a broad curriculum and selected the materials for teaching the lessons.  Mason taught, "The function of a teacher is to design learning experiences, not principally to convey information."  She used the term "masterly inactivity to define the teacher's role further.  Masterly inactivity means "lecturing little but remaining available to guide or stimulate the student whenever needed."

Generally speaking, we embrace Charlotte Mason's view of the teacher's role. However, in some instances, depending on the student's knowledge level and the subject matter, the teacher might need to take a more hands-on approach.  For example, when teaching children how to read, the teacher might employ a more traditional approach (e.g., direct phonics instruction).  In our view, the teacher must be both guide and sage – whichever works best to achieve Laurel's mission.

"What all good teachers have in common, however, is that they set high standards for their children and do not settle for anything less." Marva Collins

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