The Laurel Micro-School

Our definition of a micro-school is a school that is small by design where the same teacher instructs children of different ages in the same classroom. Think of the one-room schoolhouses of yesteryear. These schoolhouses were the norm in the United States from the early 18th century to the middle of the 20th century. Nearly half of all American children attended such an institution.

Our small size helps control expenses, thereby furthering our goal of making a quality Christian education accessible to families of all socio-economic levels. This also helps us maintain a low student-teacher ratio. Our enrollment will not exceed 40 students.

Given our size, we see ourselves as akin to a multi-family homeschool. British educator, Charlotte Mason, developed an educational method designed specifically for the homeschool setting. Her methods are used in homeschools and private and public charter schools across the United States and internationally. We use curriculum and instructional practices inspired by her approach.

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